Get a Free Valuation and Discover the True Value of Your Home

When an estate agent values your home, they’re giving you an estimate of what you could get, under the right circumstances, in the right economic climate and if the right buyer comes along. What they won’t tell you is the actual figure you’re likely to get when all these factors, plus the estimated £10,000 cost of selling are factored into the equation. However, a home buying company aren’t worried about who needs to apply for a mortgage, what the chain is or the buoyancy of the market and they don’t charge any sales fees, so when they offer you a free valuation, it’s a much more realistic estimate of what your property is really worth.

Estate agent sales can be notoriously tricky. Not only do you have to turn your house into a show home, negotiate acres of legislation and wait for ages  for a sale to go through. You also need to be savvy enough to work out what you’ll end up paying in order to sell if you want to know the true figure you’re likely to get.

Choose a Home Buying Company

If you’re fed up with hidden costs, ridiculous legislation and long, laborious months of waiting, then why not join thousands of other home owners across the UK and ditch the estate agents in favour of a home buying company. Home buying companies will give you an honest valuation on your home and if a sale is agreed, the money they offer is actually what you’ll end up getting.


When you need a quick sale a home buying company can be ideal. For example, if you’re moving to a new job in a new area, it’s a lot more cost effective to sell your home quickly than pay the mortgage for months on a home you’re not living in. Many home owners are struggling to make ends meet and when repossession looms the obvious answer is to put your property up for sale on the open market, buy once again this process can take several months which means many more mortgage payments that need to be found. Or if you’re divorcing then the painful process can be even more drawn out by a lengthy house sale. These are all great reasons for choosing a home buying company, but the best reason of all is that you can be completely in control of the process.

To find out more about getting a free valuation on your home or the benefits of home buying companies, get in touch with a national cash buyer today.

Silver Jewelry And Its Benefits

The popularity of silver jewelry is growing by the day because it is available in sophisticated styles and exquisite designs. In addition, silver jewelry offers several advantages which  also contributes towards enhancing its popularity among jewelry lovers all over the world. Most women, and even men consider jewelry made of silver such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, be contemporary and stylish.Another important aspect is that silver jewelry easily blends with different types of semi-precious and precious gemstones. 


Some of the Common Benefits Offered by Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is more affordable as well as more economical when compared with jewelry made out of gold. As the price of gold continues to rise,silver jewelry continues to become more popular. An aspect of silver jewelry is that it can be worn with many different types of outfit because of its unique compatibility.

Silver jewelry is available in many varied designs, styles, and shapes and is suitable for various occasions. When worn along with pearls, emeralds, rubies and other gemstones, silver jewelry is complimented by these stones and its value increases. The best thing about obtaining this beautiful jewelry is that it now it is very easy to purchase quality silver jewelry from the comfort of one’s home over the internet at very competitive prices.

When compared with most of the other metals used for making jewelry, silver is stronger as well as more durable. This is one of the major reasons why jewelry buffs choose this metal over others when purchasing jewelry- because they can wear jewelry made out of silver on a daily basis as it will withstand the wear and tear. Of course, some of the more delicate and elegant pieces will require extra care and maintenance to keep their brilliance alive.

It is widely believed that silver metal contributes greatly towards improving health. Silver is considered to effectively cure joint as well as muscle pains. This is possibly why people belonging to ancient civilizations frequently wore jewelry made out of silver which archaeological excavations have shown. Modern science has also confirmed that silver does have certain properties that are conducive in medicine and although not conclusive, it might be factor for some people interested in purchasing silver jewelry. The significance and prominence of silver can be an important factor when choosing particular pieces of jewelry.

Another important aspect of silver jewelry is that it can be used by everyone irrespective of their skin color. Silver looks great both on people with dark and fair skin. Also, silver compliments appearances of both men and women in many types of jewelry such as wristwatches. Moreover, the inexpensiveness of silver allows even kids to wear it.

As the demand for silver jewelry continues to grow, craftsmen have even started producing many ornaments in conventional designs. Finally, silver can become tarnished over a period of time and it must be cleaned and maintained to keep its luster. A simple method isto put the jewelry in a solution made of lemon/lime juice mixed with a little bit of salt. When not using silver jewelry, it should be kept in a jewelry box so that it will not be exposed to the air, which prevents it from getting tarnished.

You can buy silver jewelry easily and safely from online stores such as and

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